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Experience Swift and Dependable Data Analysis, Providing Comprehensive Real-Time Reports to Support Informed, Data-Driven Decision-Making.

All Essential Features in One Comprehensive Solution

Collectronix’s  focus on user-friendliness, performance, and dependability. We provide healthcare providers with advanced features without straining your budget! Here’s what we can offer’s you.

All-Inclusive Dashboard

Gain full visibility into elements such as patient data, financial analytics, and lab results. Our user-friendly dashboard ensures you stay well-informed about practice's.

Individualized Patient Charts

Personalize clinical summaries for every physician within your organization, simplifying the access and efficient management of patient health care information.

Seamless Data Exchange

Effortlessly share and receive clinical summaries for care transitions with other healthcare providers and facilities. Our system guarantees that patients can promptly access

Simplified e-Prescribing

Our e-prescription module links patients with their preferred pharmacies, offering drug-to-drug and drug-to-allergy warnings when prescribing, ensuring the creation.

MACRA & MIPS Updates

Stay updated on the latest developments and leverage our MIPS dashboard to track your performance across all four MIPS categories, helping for you to understand.

Safe Patient Engagement

Our patient engagement services guarantee secure communication, sharing, and transfer of medical records and billing information with patients at any time.

Modern Healthcare System Solutions

Enhance Patient Experience with Our Innovative Electronic Claims Submission. Our Integrated Service Includes an ICD-10 Guarantee, and Our Clinical Dashboard Empowers Healthcare Providers to Prioritize Critical Tasks, Improving Care and Delivering Exceptional Patient Experiences.

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Streamlined Healthcare Automation

Simplifying practice management has never been more convenient. Our advanced Facilities and Revenue Cycle Management system is here to elevate your operations, boost your financial performance, reduce costs, and set you on the path to success.

Enhancing Patient Engagement

Our company offers advanced lab interfacing services, enabling healthcare providers to seamlessly connect with a vast network of preferred labs for electronic result transmission, orders, and retrievals. This includes certified labs like LabCorp, Quest Diagnostics, and others throughout the United States. Eliminate the hassle and potential human errors associated with manual lab result processes with our solutions.

Streamlined our Facilities

Personalize clinical summaries for every physician within your organization, simplifying the access and efficient management of patient health care information.Eliminate concerns about missed appointments and follow-up calls. With our integrated Telehealth services, you can transform emails and unpaid phone calls.

Tailored Workflows

Our Facilities and Practice Management System is adaptable to your unique workflows, offering customizable clinical dashboards, enterprise scheduling, and billing. This empowers clinicians to personalize their operations within the healthcare system.

Comprehensive Encounter Notes

Effortlessly create chart notes, problem lists, e-prescriptions, and care plans with our user-friendly Encounter Notes service. Collectronix provides best healthcare facilities. Tailor templates, utilize point-and-click options, compose free-text notes.

Boost Staff Productivity

Enhance your practice's efficiency and empower your staff with streamlined workflows, enabling practitioners to delegate essential tasks. Collectronix simplifies the workload, freeing up your team's time to concentrate on providing high-quality care to patients.

Advanced Telehealth

Our Telehealth solutions offer high-quality healthcare facilities, facilitating direct connections between practitioners and patients in an accessible, user-friendly manner. Eliminate concerns about missed appointments and follow-up calls.

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