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Enhance your financial well-being with Collectronix’s charge entry expertise, delivering flawless charge capture and elevating cash flow.

Maximizing Revenue Potential with Collectronix's Charge Entry

At Collectronix, we recognize that effective charge entry is the foundation of a thriving healthcare revenue cycle. Through our Charge Entry Services, we provide precision, expertise, and cutting-edge technology to streamline, enhance accuracy, and optimize your medical billing process for the highest revenue potential.

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Exploring Our Charge Entry Process at Collectronix

Patient Information Gathering

Collect comprehensive patient information, including their name, date of service, insurance details, and medical records.

Claim Submission

Submit claims electronically or through paper submission, adhering to the specific requirements of each insurance provider.

Claim Generation

Generate insurance claims, including the completion of required forms and attachment of necessary documentation.

Code Assignment

Assign the appropriate codes for the services provided, adhering to coding guidelines for diagnosis and procedure codes.


Continuously monitor and track the entire process, including claim submissions, to proactively address any issues and maintain data integrity.


Monitor claim status and engage with insurance companies to resolve pending or denied claims effectively.


Reconcile received payments with submitted claims, addressing any discrepancies or denials as needed.

Medical Documentation Review

Thoroughly review medical documentation, including diagnosis codes (ICD-10) and procedure codes (CPT/HCPCS), to ensure accuracy and completeness.

Quality Assurance

Conduct rigorous quality checks to minimize errors and discrepancies in coding and documentation, ensuring precision and compliance.

Payment Posting

Record received payments, allocate them to the respective patient accounts, and update the billing system accordingly.

Charge Verification

Verify that entered charges align with the services rendered, complying with the fee schedule and payer requirements.

Account Resolution

Manage outstanding balances or disputes by collaborating with patients, payers, or collection agencies as necessary, ensuring account resolution.

Charge Entry Medical Billing Services

Unleash enhanced billing efficiency with our all-encompassing Charge Entry Services. Bid farewell to the intricacies of charge entry and embrace a future where billing processes are seamlessly streamlined.

Why Choose Collectronix's Charge Entry Services?

• Precision is Paramount: Our team of experts meticulously input and validate every charge, significantly reducing the risk of errors and ensuring that you capture all billable services.

• Swift Submissions: We take pride in our prompt charge submissions, which translate to faster reimbursement for your healthcare practice.

• Compliance Confidence: Maintain compliance with the ever-evolving healthcare regulations through our up-to-date knowledge and unwavering adherence to industry standards.

• Cost-Effective Solution: By entrusting charge entry to Collectronix, you can effectively reduce operational costs and liberate valuable resources.

• Prioritize Patient Care: With charge entry handled by us, you can focus on delivering exceptional patient care, unburdened by billing intricacies.

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