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Collectronix delivers a comprehensive solution to empower organizations in achieving clinical, financial, and operational excellence through a single, powerful cloud-based platform. Customize our platform to align with your specific requirements and objectives and work smarter, not harder – with Collectronix.

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Collectronix Priorities

At Collectronix, we adopt a through strategy for medical billing and coding, encompassing the following stages:

Through adherence to these steps, we guarantee optimal reimbursement for your practice while mitigating the risks of claim denials and rejections. Our team of specialists leverages cutting-edge technology and industry-leading practices to streamline the entire process, providing real-time results. This enables you to concentrate on your core strength – delivering top-notch patient care.

Patient Registration & Insurance Verification

Charge Capture & Coding

Claims Submission to Payers

Follow-up on Unpaid Claims

Payment Posting & Reconciliation

Denial Management & Appeals

Patient Billing & Collections

medical billing cycle process
medical billing records
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