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Our services at Collectronix aren’t one size fits all; they’ll be tailored to your specific needs.

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Collectronix offers premier Medical Billing Services, customized to suit your needs at competitive rates. Embark on your journey today and enjoy top-notch medical billing along with dependable Practice Management solutions. Our onboarding process is straightforward, and our pricing is completely transparent. We believe in flexibility, avoiding long-term contracts to provide you peace of mind in our partnership. Our objective is to deliver services that guarantee financial stability and profitability for your practice.

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Medical Billing

Streamline your financial processes with Collectronix's efficient medical billing solutions. Our tailored services ensure accuracy and compliance, maximizing reimbursement for your practice. Experience a seamless and cost-effective approach to managing your medical billing needs.

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Medical Coding

Medical coding at Collectronix ensures accurate translation of healthcare services into universally recognized codes, facilitating streamlined billing processes. Our expert coders meticulously assign codes, contributing to error-free claims and efficient reimbursement

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Electronic Clain Submission

Efficiently streamline your claims process with Collectronix through our Electronic Claim Submission services. Experience swift and accurate submissions, reducing paperwork and enhancing overall efficiency. Embrace the future of seamless claims management with our advanced submission solutions.

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Revenue Cycle Management

Optimize your financial processes with Collectronix's Revenue Cycle Management solutions. Streamline billing, enhance efficiency, and maximize revenue for sustained practice success. Our comprehensive RCM services are designed to elevate your financial performance seamlessly.

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Charge Entry

Efficient and accurate charge entry is a cornerstone of Collectronix's services, ensuring precision in documenting medical procedures. Our streamlined charge entry process enhances billing accuracy, contributing to the financial health of your practice. Trust Collectronix for timely charge entry services.

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Account Receivable

Efficiently manage your Account Receivable with Collectronix, ensuring streamlined financial transactions. Our tailored solutions optimize the receivables process, enhancing cash flow and minimizing delays. Trust Collectronix to elevate your financial efficiency with expert Account Receivable services.

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Credentialing at Collectronix is a meticulous process ensuring the qualifications and competence of healthcare providers. Our thorough credentialing practices uphold industry standards, ensuring the highest quality of care. Trust Collectronix for comprehensive credentialing solutions.

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Denial Management

Efficient Denial Management is crucial for financial health. At Collectronix, we specialize in identifying and addressing claim denials swiftly, ensuring maximum reimbursement for your medical services. Our proactive approach minimizes revenue loss, promoting a financially resilient practice.

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Analytics & Reporting

Unlock valuable insights with Collectronix's Analytics & Reporting tools. Our robust analytics empower you with data-driven decisions, ensuring a comprehensive view of your operations. Experience the power of informed choices for your optimal performance.

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Comprehensive Offerings

Think of Collectronix as an integral part of your office, providing comprehensive Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) services backed by exceptional back-office support. From Credentialing and Enrollment to Coding, Medical Billing, Telehealth billing, Appeals, and beyond, we’ve got it covered. Our tailored plans seamlessly integrate into your workflow for optimal efficiency.

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Transparent Billing Excellence

Gain a comprehensive view of the claims process and access customized financial reports tailored to your practice's preferences. Collectronix is committed to delivering top-notch medical billing services with complete transparency, offering personalized bi-weekly and/or monthly reports.

Flexible Software Solutions

At Collectronix, we're adept at working with a wide range of EHR and Practice Management platforms, eliminating the need for you to transition to a new system. Additionally, we provide our own versatile software suite, MediFusion, delivering an integrated experience with Practice Management.

Customer-Centric Approach

Our primary focus at Collectronix is customer satisfaction. We excel in client services, ensuring accessibility 24/7 via phone, email, or text. Unlike other billing companies, we prioritize prompt connections, being just a phone call away to address all your medical billing needs.

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